CR: The New Centennial Review

Michael Clune, "Can We Imagine Timeless Experience?"

Martin Hägglund, "Beauty That Must Die: A Response to Michael Clune"

Michael Clune and Martin Hägglund, "Time in Our Time: Clune and Hägglund Debating at Stanford"


Derrida Today

Special Issue, On Dying for Time

Adrian Johnston, "The true Thing is the (w)hole: Freudian-Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Derridean Chronolibidinal ReadingAnother Friendly Reply to Martin Hägglund"

Jean-Michel Rabaté: "Dying from Immortality: Notes for a Discussion with Martin Hägglund"

Martin Hägglund, "On Chronolibido: A Response to Rabaté and Johnston"



Ernesto Laclau, "Is Radical Atheism a Good Name for Deconstruction?"

Martin Hägglund, "Time, Desire, Politics: A Reply to Ernesto Laclau"


Derrida Today

Derek Attridge, "The Impossibility of Ethics," also in Attridge's Reading and Responsibility.

Martin Hägglund, "The Non-Ethical Opening of Ethics: A Response to Derek Attridge."


Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory

John D. Caputo, "The Return of Anti-Religion: From Radical Atheism to Radical Theology"

Martin Hägglund, "The Radical Evil of Deconstruction: A Reply to John Caputo"


CR: The New Centennial Review 

Special Issue, Living On: Of Martin Hägglund

Michael Naas, "An Atheism that (Dieu merci!) Still Leaves Something to be Desired"

Henry Staten, "Writing: Empirical, Transcendental, Ultratranscendental"

Vicki Kirby, "Tracing Life: ‘La Vie La Mort’"

Aaron F. Hodges, "Martin Hägglund’s Speculative Materialism"

Samir Haddad, "Language Remains"

Adrian Johnston, "Life Terminable and Interminable: The Undead and the Afterlife of the Afterlife—A Friendly Disagreement with Martin Hägglund"

William Egginton, "On Chronolibidinal Reading, Radical Atheism, and Impossible Desires"

David E. Johnson, "Time: For Borges"

Martin Hägglund, "The Challenge of Radical Atheism: A Response"


New Literary History

Brian Boyd, "Nabokov, Time, and Timelessness: A Reply to Martin Hägglund

Martin Hägglund, "Nabokov’s Afterlife: A Reply to Brian Boyd"